School Counselling in an Asian Cultural Context focuses on the ways in which cultural setting influences the practice of school counseling, its effectiveness, and the experience of young people as they engage in counseling in schools.

The mental health of young people is increasingly a cause for concern, particularly in Asia’s high-pressured league-topping education systems, and the wellbeing of students is becoming more a part of the wider remit of schools. Mark Harrison presents a broad overview of the development and current practice of school counseling in Hong Kong in both local and international schools and examines this in relation to school counseling in US and UK settings as well as the wider Asia-Pacific region.

The book brings together two foci: the practice of school counseling in the Asian cultural context of Hong Kong, and the effectiveness and experience of school counseling from the perspective of young people and counselors. The diversity of schools in Hong Kong makes it a microcosm of trends and practices in school counseling globally and, as such, offers insights which will be of interest to students in training; school counselors, administrators and policy makers in the Asia-Pacific region and further afield.