This unique textbook explores core cognitive psychology topics from an innovative new perspective, focusing on key real-world issues to show how we understand and experience the world.

The book examines compelling topics such as creativity, problem-solving, reasoning, rationality and language, all within the context of modern 21st century life. Each chapter demonstrates how this vibrant and constantly evolving discipline is at the heart of some of the biggest issues facing us all today. The last chapter discusses the future of cognitive psychology, which includes guidance on conducting rigorous, replicable research and how to use skills from cognitive psychology to be an effective student. Packed with pedagogical features, each chapter includes boxed examples of cognitive psychology in the real world and engaging ‘try it yourself’ features. Each chapter also includes objectives, a range of illustrative figures, chapter summaries, key readings and a glossary for ease of use. The book is fully supported by original online resources for students and instructors.

Offering a new model for the study of cognitive psychology that brings the subject alive, the book is essential reading for all students studying psychology and related disciplines.

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

Cognitive psychology in a changing world

chapter Chapter 2|57 pages

Problem solving

chapter Chapter 3|47 pages

Creativity and expertise

chapter Chapter 4|61 pages

Deductive reasoning

chapter Chapter 5|22 pages

Concepts and categories

chapter Chapter 6|51 pages

Judgement and decision making

chapter Chapter 7|45 pages


chapter Chapter 8|43 pages

Speech and other language issues

chapter Chapter 9|45 pages

Memory and forgetting

chapter Chapter 10|39 pages

Everyday memory

chapter Chapter 11|39 pages


chapter Chapter 12|45 pages


chapter Chapter 13|39 pages

The nature of consciousness

chapter Chapter 14|30 pages

Cognition and the body

chapter Chapter 15|35 pages

The future of cognitive psychology

Issues and opportunities