The book explores contemporary selfie-taking practices; digital experiences of love, romance and infidelity; sexting rituals; self-tracking habits; strategies used by the Internet famous; and the power of hashtag campaigns and memes in espousing a cause. Rejecting binary narratives on digital cultures, it showcases the fascinating ways in which we use our digital devices, social media platforms, and apps by drawing upon academic research, everyday observations and a determination to challenge assumptions and hasty generalizations. It also engages with emerging narratives on online authenticity, privacy, digital detox, and the digital divides prevalent both in India and abroad.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|18 pages

Exploring selfies

Beyond “duckfaces” and adolescent rituals

chapter 2|22 pages

“Send me a sexy picture”

Love, intimacy, and infidelity in the digital era

chapter 3|23 pages

Self-tracking one’s way to wellness

Expert patients, quantified health, and online communities

chapter 4|22 pages

Becoming Internet famous

Performing “authenticity” and engaging audiences

chapter 5|20 pages

Digital activism

The power of hashtags and memes

chapter 6|8 pages

“Digital Detox”

Resisting the lure of the digital

chapter |6 pages