This book documents the history of China’s attempts to undermine Taiwan’s elections, offering additional insights into China’s methods of influence in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

Drawing from Chinese language primary sources and historical accounts, Taiwan is presented as a growing democracy that has had to endure constant threats to its way of democratic life from the People’s Republic of China (China). Examining China’s election interference operations and several previously undocumented instances of Chinese interference, chapters in this book not only cover traditional methods of influence such as diplomacy, economic policy, and military intimidation, but also an array of novel practices involving organized crime, religion, and the media. Conceptual and practical ideas have been developed for studying and combatting election interference, which will particularly appeal to policy makers and security professionals seeking to better identify instances of ongoing election interference and the motivations driving this phenomenon.

Chinese Election Interference in Taiwan’s National Elections will prove an innovative resource to students and scholars of international relations and Chinese studies, including history and politics.

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|24 pages

Background, Concepts, and Related Research

chapter 4|86 pages

Election Interference Incidents

chapter 6|36 pages

The CCP's Cross-Strait Influence Policies

chapter 8|13 pages