Designing Coffee Shops and Cafés for Community brings together research, theory, and practical applications for designing coffee shops and cafes as places to enhance community connections. As people search for meaning and connection in their lives, they often seek out places that root them in their community. Designers are responsible for creating these spaces, and to do so well, they need to understand the physical and social attributes that make such spaces successful.

Addressing societal trends, environment and behavior theories, place attachment, branding, authenticity, location, layout, and ambiance, the book provides guidelines to help designers and operators create more welcoming third places—places that are not home, not work, but those where we can relax in the company of others. It includes eight case studies by authors from threecountries that ground the theories in real-life third places. Its practical design guidelines cover location, accessibility, seating, lighting, sound, and more.

Written for students, academics, and designers, this book discusses the value of coffee shops and cafés and guides readers through the ways to create places of belonging that bring people together.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|21 pages

The Role of Place in Our Lives

chapter 2|23 pages

Human Behavior and the Third Place

chapter 3|20 pages

Place Attachment and the Third Place

chapter 4|23 pages

Identity and Messaging

chapter 5|24 pages

Location and Building Type

chapter 6|23 pages

Design Characteristics

Project Scope and Layout

chapter 7|25 pages

Creating Ambiance in the Third Place

chapter 8|40 pages

Case Studies