This eagerly awaited update of a popular text has been substantially revised and updated to incorporate developments in the field of International Business. It continues to do so in Alan Sitkin's characteristically direct, lively and accessible style which is ideal for introductory students.

This new edition expands upon issues of growing importance to global businesses, including corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship and sustainability. It explores topics of great importance to business at the start of the new decade, including digital transformation and digital business, and explores the intersection of technology and pandemic-accelerated change to look to the future of business in a global setting.

Enriched with practitioner examples as well as new, colourful and illustrative cases, and ideally structured to make navigation and learning straightforward, this textbook is an ideal introduction to international business. Tutors are supported with a range of materials including an instructor manual, testbank, suggested assignment questions and resources to offer their students, such as revision tips, additional cases and self-test multiple-choice questions.

part Part I|130 pages

Economic and political framework

chapter Chapter 1|30 pages

Introduction to international business

chapter Chapter 2|32 pages

Theories of international business

chapter Chapter 3|33 pages

National governments

Powers and tools

chapter Chapter 4|33 pages

Global governance and finance

part Part II|66 pages

International mindsets and values

chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

Culture in international business

chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Cross-border corporate social responsibility

part Part III|97 pages

Internationalisation strategies

chapter Chapter 7|32 pages

Multinational history and configurations

chapter Chapter 8|31 pages

Market entry

chapter Chapter 9|32 pages

Multinational organisations and structures

part Part IV|96 pages

Multinational functions

chapter Chapter 10|32 pages

Multinational upstream operations

chapter Chapter 11|31 pages

Multinational downstream activities

chapter Chapter 12|31 pages

Multinational treasury

part Part V|98 pages

The future of international business

chapter Chapter 13|31 pages

The changing geography of international business

chapter Chapter 14|33 pages

International business and the natural environment

chapter Chapter 15|32 pages

Multinational technology and talent