Originally published in 1963, this book was the first to survey the rural transport problem as a whole, and it includes the results of extensive research in an important but until then neglected field. The issues of increased car ownership and the reduction of train and bus services and the social impact of this is discussed, as well the question of subsidies in the UK as a whole. Three area specific studies deal with the Lake District, Northumberland and Devon.

part |86 pages

Part One

chapter chapter one|8 pages

Inconvenience or Hardship?

chapter chapter two|10 pages

The Historical Background

chapter Chapter Three|15 pages

Railway Management

chapter Chapter Four|9 pages

When a Branch Line is Closed

chapter Chapter Five|20 pages

Bus Services

chapter Chapter Six|10 pages

Transport and Rural Life

chapter Chapter Seven|12 pages

Subsidy and Other Administration

part |86 pages

Part Two

chapter Chapter Eight|37 pages

Research Work

chapter Chapter Nine|40 pages

Case Histories

chapter |7 pages