First published in 1956, Political Theory explores the historical development of political ideas and analyses some basic concepts of contemporary political theory, including the notions of the State, of Sovereignty and the Law.

The book is based on lectures in Political Theory given by the author, G. C. Field, in the universities at which he taught. It opens by considering the development of political ideas by providing an overview of the ideas current at the time of original publication in comparison to the ideas of earlier ages. It then progresses into a more detailed discussion of specific political theories. It will appeal to those with an interest in the history of political thought and developments in political theory.

chapter Chapter I|20 pages

Some Historical Preliminaries (1)

chapter Chapter II|18 pages

Some Historical Preliminaries (2)

chapter Chapter III|15 pages

Some Historical Preliminaries (3)

chapter Chapter IV|18 pages

The State and Sovereignty

chapter Chapter V|13 pages

The Law and Legal Sovereignty

chapter Chapter VI|17 pages

Forms of Government—Democracy

chapter Chapter VII|13 pages

The Case against Democracy

chapter Chapter VIII|14 pages

The Democrat's Answer

chapter Chapter IX|20 pages

The Conditions for Democracy

chapter Chapter X|16 pages

The Machinery of Democracy–Representative Government

chapter Chapter XI|21 pages

The Party System

chapter Chapter XII|22 pages

The State and other Societies

chapter Chapter XIII|23 pages

The State and the Individual-Individual Liberty

chapter Chapter XV|22 pages

Conclusion—Politics, Economics, and Ethics