Big Ideas in Primary Science: Understanding the Climate Crisis takes a fresh approach to learning the science of climate change. It combines new thinking in science teaching using big ideas, with our growing need to look after our planet, and encourages children to learn from what scientists have to say about issues that will impact their lives today and in the future.

The book offers primary teachers the subject and pedagogical knowledge, as well as the confidence they need, to integrate the seeds of big ideas into their curriculum. It provides models of good practice which exemplify how primary-aged children can work towards understanding some of science’s big ideas and engage with important issues related to climate change. There are also opportunities for children to develop skills and understanding from other curriculum areas, such as geography, design technology, and art. The easy-to-use book covers topics such as:

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Climate change
  • Impact of the climate crisis on our lives
  • Impact of the climate crisis on wildlife
  • The world we must create
  • Taking climate action

By making the ideas their own, children can develop informed ways of thinking about issues related to climate change and feel empowered to act in ways which can make a difference. Full of ideas about the climate crisis, Big Ideas in Primary Science is a comprehensive, valuable, and essential resource for all teachers of primary science.

chapter Chapter 1|7 pages

Working Towards Big Ideas

chapter Chapter 2|7 pages

Listening to the Science

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages


chapter Chapter 4|21 pages


chapter Chapter 5|20 pages

Climate Change

chapter Chapter 6|26 pages

Impact of Climate Crisis on our Lives

chapter Chapter 7|25 pages

Impact of Climate Crisis on Wildlife

chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

The World we must Create

chapter Chapter 9|35 pages

Taking Climate Action