Relationship-based Learning provides a helpful range of accessible strategies, approaches, practical ideas and guidance on how to implement Behaviour for Learning for children with social, emotional and mental health issues, as well as those at risk of exclusion from school.

This essential resource explores the conceptual framework of Ellis and Tod’s highly effective Behaviour for Learning conceptual framework, with each chapter featuring practical strategies and foundations that can be used at an organisational or whole-school level, as well as in the classroom. It includes tried-and-tested structures and strategies which have been proven to improve the learning and behaviour of children. The implementation of the Behaviour for Learning framework has been evidenced to have a significant impact on the quality of teaching and learning with outstanding and, in some cases, exceptional outcomes for all learners. The strategies and approaches explored in this book are relevant for teaching children in any school or alternative provision, especially those with social, emotional and mental health needs.

Relationship-based Learning is a must-read for practitioners, senior leaders, teachers and support staff, outreach services and multi-agency staff who are committed to improving outcomes for children with social, emotional and mental health needs.

chapter |6 pages

Relationship-based learning

chapter 1|18 pages

‘The best thing about our school is learning!’

The impact of Behaviour for Learning at the Courtyard AP Academy

chapter 2|33 pages

Vision to action

chapter 3|27 pages

Professional learning

chapter 4|17 pages

Developing our assessment tool

chapter 5|29 pages

The golden thread

chapter 6|22 pages


chapter 8|31 pages

Transforming learning