Juvenile Justice: An Introduction, Tenth Edition, presents a comprehensive picture of juvenile offending, delinquency theories, and the ways juvenile justice actors and agencies react to delinquency. Whitehead and Lab offer evidence-based suggestions for successful interventions and treatment and examine the prospects for rebalancing the model of juvenile court. 

This new edition includes insightful analysis and the latest available statistics on juvenile crime and victimization, drug use, court processing, and corrections. Special attention is given to female involvement, disproportionate minority contact, and diversity issues. The text also includes extensive discussion of police shootings, the issue of race, probation reform, life sentences for juveniles, recent Supreme Court decisions, and reform suggestions from Currie and Feld. 

An essential text for undergraduate juvenile justice courses, this book offers rich pedagogical features and online resources. Each chapter enhances student understanding with Key Terms, a What You Need to Know section, and Discussion Questions. Links at key points in the text show students where to get the latest information. 

chapter Chapter 1|27 pages


The Definition and Extent of Delinquency

chapter Chapter 2|20 pages

The History of Juvenile Justice

chapter Chapter 3|25 pages

Explaining Delinquency

Biological and Psychological Approaches

chapter Chapter 4|25 pages

Sociological Explanations of Delinquency

chapter Chapter 5|30 pages

Gang Delinquency

chapter Chapter 6|31 pages

Drugs and Delinquency

chapter Chapter 7|31 pages

Policing and Juveniles

chapter Chapter 8|34 pages

The Juvenile Court Process

chapter Chapter 9|32 pages

Due Process and Juveniles

chapter Chapter 10|27 pages

Institutional/Residential Interventions

chapter Chapter 11|28 pages

Juvenile Probation and Community Corrections

chapter Chapter 12|26 pages

Prevention in Juvenile Justice

chapter Chapter 13|22 pages

The Victimization of Juveniles

chapter Chapter 14|31 pages

Future Directions in Juvenile Justice