Revealing Britain’s Systemic Racism applies an existing scholarly paradigm (systemic racism and the white racial frame) to assess the implications of Markle’s entry and place in the British royal family, including an analysis that bears on visual and material culture. The white racial frame, as it manifests in the UK, represents an important lens through which to map and examine contemporary racism and related inequities. By questioning the long-held, but largely anecdotal, beliefs about racial progressiveness in the UK, the authors provide an original counter-narrative about how Markle’s experiences as a biracial member of the royal family can help illumine contemporary forms of racism in Britain. Revealing Britain’s Systemic Racism identifies and documents the plethora of ways systemic racism continues to shape ecological spaces in the UK. Kimberley Ducey and Joe R. Feagin challenge romanticized notions of racial inclusivity by applying Feagin’s long-established work, aiming to make a unique and significant contribution to literature in sociology and in various other disciplines.

chapter 1|56 pages

Systemic Racism

Britain Now and Then

chapter 2|38 pages

Straight Out of the White Racial Frame

chapter 5|30 pages

Feminist Counter-Framer and Anti-Racist Counter-Framer

Disrupter of Elite White Dominance

chapter 6|35 pages

“Where Is This Racism You Keep Talking About?”

Sincere Fictions of the Virtuous White Self

chapter 7|20 pages

Concluding Thoughts

The Royals, British Racism, and the Coronavirus Pandemic