This book examines the nature of hazardous substances and the law governing them, including international conventions, relevant directives and Indian legislation from the pre-independence period to the present. It focuses on legislations passed in the area of hazardous substances, highlighting the background relevant to the continued growth of international environmental law across the globe. It reviews existing strategies available in developing countries and the lack of a systematic approach in administering hazardous substances management programs.

The author unfolds the dynamics of hazardous substances, the trade of such substances, transboundary movements and their restrictions through rigorous analyses and evaluation of cases. The book explores the question of liability in hazardous substance litigation, offers an understanding of several judicial decisions in the context, and suggests measures to control and manage the problem of hazardous substances.

Authoritative, lucid and comprehensive, this book will be useful to students, researchers and policymakers working on environment, law, international environmental law and development studies, as well as to legal professionals, judicial officers and NGOs.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 2|43 pages

Global management of hazardous substances in foods, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and wastes

The emerging new international legal order

chapter 3|26 pages

Regional management of hazardous substances

The case of EEC, OECD and OAU

chapter 6|41 pages

The “principle of liability” in hazardous substance litigation

An overview of the prevailing rules under municipal and international systems

chapter 7|15 pages