Join industry insiders Bill Kinder and Bobbie O’Steen as they guide readers on a journey through every stage of production on an animated film, from storyboards to virtual cameras and final animation.

With unprecedented access to the Pixar edit suite, this authoritative project highlights the central role film editors play in some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies of all time. Exclusive interviews with animation editors and other creative leads are supported by footage from deep inside Pixar’s vault. Nearly 90 minutes of video segments include never-before-seen works in progress, deleted scenes, and demonstrations to shed light on how these beloved stories are crafted. The challenges and essential contributions of editors in animation have never been examined in such depth and detail.

In addition to exploring method and craft, this book provides important context for the editor in film history, the evolution of technology, and Pixar’s uniquely collaborative studio culture. A must-read for students of digital filmmaking methods, filmmakers in all aspects of production, and fans of Pixar movies, this uniquely educational, historical, and entertaining book sheds light on how beloved stories are crafted from the perspective of crucial members of the filmmaking team.

chapter |3 pages


Reframing the Editor

chapter 1|26 pages

The Hub of the Wheel

The Setup

chapter 2|36 pages

“Story, Story, Story…”


chapter 3|49 pages

Conducting a Concerto


chapter 4|30 pages

Edit First, Shoot Later


chapter 5|26 pages

Cutting Jell-O

Workplace Challenges

chapter 6|42 pages

Out of the Galápagos

Editors and Technology Adapt

chapter 7|8 pages


Why Does It Matter?