Community Engagement Through Collaborative Writing: Storytelling Together is designed to support scholars and communities storytelling together to reach multiple audiences and facilitate social change.

Social scientists, public health practitioners, community leaders, and others recognize that there can be no forward movement in addressing the problems and inequalities facing the world today without collaboration across interdisciplinary, multisectoral, geographic, and socioeconomic divides. The book uses real-world experiences to guide individuals and groups through a process of identifying the knowledge they have and sharing that knowledge through various genres. This process includes identifying and honoring different forms of knowledge, not just academic research and training. Combining the principles of trust and collaboration with practical tools, the chapters contain discussions, examples, and instruments for working together across divides toward a common goal of telling stories together.

Community Engagement Through Collaborative Writing: Storytelling Together is a valuable resource for applied anthropologists and other social scientists doing community-engaged work for research methods courses and for fields such as public health and education.

chapter 1|20 pages

The everything of stories

chapter 2|21 pages

Telling, writing, listening, healing

chapter 3|17 pages

Creating together

chapter 5|16 pages

Learning the landscape

chapter 6|25 pages

Writing, editing, storytelling, writing

chapter 7|10 pages

Stories become us and we begin again