First published in 1942, Testing Results in the Infant School describes an attempt to measure objectively the results of education in Infant schools where children are free to move and speak and play, as compared with schools of a more formal and traditional type.

The book explains in detail the variety of tests used, the reasons behind them, and the children’s reactions to them. It concludes with an evaluation of the results and suggestions for their bearing on educational practice. It will appeal to those with an interest in the history, theory, and psychology of education.

chapter Chapter II|19 pages

How the Tests Were Chosen

chapter Chapter III|39 pages

The Tests and Their Results A. Tests I to V

(Approximate Age: 6½ Years)

chapter Chapter IV|44 pages

The Tests Their Results (continued) B. Tests VI to XII

(Approximate Age: 6½ years)

chapter Chapter V|11 pages

Tests for Children Aged Seven and Eight

chapter Chapter VI|17 pages

General Conclusions