Originally published in 1971, the author was concerned with a nexus of related ideas: group spirit, morale, discipline, discrimination, stigma. How, she asks, are these connected with leadership, both that of the assigned person in authority, lecturer or teacher, and that of the dominant spirits within the group? What is their relation to backwardness, and the place of the slow learner in the school morale system? Answering these and other questions, particularly around morale, the first part of the book contains a number of case studies and examples of varying degrees of complexity. These are intended to act as pointers or guides for the discussion of problems, which takes up the second half of the book.

part Part One|105 pages

Case Studies

chapter |2 pages


chapter 1|29 pages

The Joint Fieldwork Exercise

chapter 2|10 pages

Two Contrasted Schools

chapter 3|8 pages

Staff Morale

chapter 4|7 pages

On the Up-grade

chapter 5|3 pages

The Office wants Results Quickly

chapter 6|14 pages

Village School

chapter 7|6 pages

From the Beginning

chapter 8|4 pages

In Retrospect

chapter 9|4 pages

Things can go either Way

chapter 10|16 pages

Teachers' Views on Discipline

part Part Two|62 pages


chapter |2 pages


chapter I|12 pages

The Morale of Individuals

chapter II|17 pages

Group Morale

chapter III|13 pages

The Morale of Teachers

chapter IV|16 pages

Productiveness and Social Learning