This book is among the first serious looks at the first 18 months of the Biden administration and its many challenges. From a tortured transition to a raging pandemic, a fragile economy, and the threat of international insecurity, Joe Biden entered office at a time even more fraught than that he faced as a new vice president. Confronting a nation divided sharply along political, cultural, and sociodemographic lines, Biden and Kamala Harris promised to unify the country, change the tone in Washington, mend fences with allies, and “build back better” a world assailed from stem to stern. This book assesses the successes and shortfalls of the Biden administration’s first 18 months in office, putting all in perspective of the current state of democracy in America. Intended to introduce students of American government to the person (Biden) and the institution (presidency) within a particular system (separation of powers), this book will appeal broadly to citizens, media, and general interest readers in the United States and abroad.

part I|25 pages

The Preliminaries

chapter Chapter 1|5 pages

The 2020 Elections and Their Consequences

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

The Transfer of Power

part II|37 pages

The First 100 Days

chapter Chapter 3|11 pages

Early Days in the White House

chapter Chapter 4|16 pages

Contemporary Domestic Politics and Policymaking

chapter Chapter 5|7 pages

Restructuring Foreign Policy

part III|75 pages

Presidential–Institutional Relationships

chapter Chapter 6|8 pages

The Biden Administration's Legislative Style

chapter Chapter 7|26 pages

Legislative Achievements, Delays, and Failures

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

The Biden White House

chapter Chapter 9|13 pages

Biden as Chief Executive

chapter Chapter 10|9 pages

The President and the Legal System

part IV|28 pages

The Public Presidency

chapter Chapter 11|7 pages

Biden's Bully Pulpit

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Public Opinion and Presidential Popularity

part V|28 pages

The Evolving Biden Presidency

chapter Chapter 13|16 pages

Successes, Failures, and Ongoing Foreign Policy Concerns

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

An Evaluation of the Biden Presidency