This book is an essential resource for those new to, developing and established in the field of trans voice. Presented in a workbook style and packed with practical exercises for the practitioner to engage with, it explores and explains how to work with clients effectively, while also developing vital cultural knowledge and fundamental skills in voice coaching that will help the practitioner develop insight into and support each person’s unique journey.

Matthew Mills and Sean Pert draw on their wealth of experience to encourage the reader to consider what gender means to them, and how gender performance may be taken for granted by people whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth. The key learning points of this book are illustrated by guiding comments from trans and non-binary people with lived, practical and clinical experience

Based on the latest expert practice and informed by the experiences of the clients themselves, Working with Trans Voice allows speech and language therapists and other professionals interested in supporting trans and gender-diverse people to develop the confidence to work with their clients in partnership and solidarity.

chapter |8 pages


chapter 1|34 pages

Working with Yourself

chapter 2|38 pages

Meeting with the Trans Community

chapter 3|59 pages

Collaborating in Trans Voice Therapy

chapter |5 pages