Today’s evolving world of work makes it imperative for employers to manage psychosocial hazards (PSH) and risks leading to work-related stress. This book contains essential, general, and country-specific information and templates for the successful management of hazards to prevent psychological harm in the workplace.

Acknowledged as global issues affecting all workers and industries, PSH are work factors that have the potential to lead to physical or psychological injury and stress, relating to how work is designed, organized, and managed, and to work relationships and interactions. This book advances the idea that management of PSH, and psychological health and safety, is part of the duty of care of today’s responsible and ethical employers to employees, and that U.S. employers should recognize this responsibility. Clear and easy to follow, this guide presents comprehensive information on addressing PSH, discussing measures taken internationally (laws, guidance, and resources from Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Japan), and a new global standard on psychological health and safety at work. (Note: At times within this book, and Part II in particular, punctuation may be added to quoted provisions for ease of reading and for consistency.)

Practitioners and students in the fields of management, occupational health and safety, human resource management, ethics and compliance, occupational health psychology, and organizational psychology will come away with a deeper understanding of the importance of PSH and their management.

part I|46 pages

Work-related Stress, Psychosocial Hazards, and the U.S. Workplace

chapter Chapter 1|11 pages

Today's World of Work

Work-related Stress and Psychosocial Hazards

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

Psychosocial Hazard Specifics

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Why the Psychosocial Environment Matters

part II|88 pages

International Insights and Examples

chapter Chapter 6|7 pages

Management of Psychosocial Hazards in Europe

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

Nordic Countries and Belgium

Psychosocial Hazards as an Umbrella Term

chapter Chapter 8|9 pages

Work–Life Balance

chapter Chapter 15|3 pages

Developing Countries and International Conventions

part III|45 pages

Suggested Organizational Shifts to Manage Psychosocial Hazards in the U.S. Workplace