This innovative Atlas of Africa, by the Agence Française de Développement, offers comprehensive insights into contemporary Africa through the use of full-colour maps, charts, graphics and text which demonstrate and explain Africa’s growing importance in the world and its demographic, economic, social and environmental transformation, while also outlining the challenges that the continent faces.


The three sections, offering new perspectives on the continent, comprise:


  • Taking Full Measure of Africa – examining the major economic, demographic, social and political transformations that Africa has undergone in a short space of time.
  • A Multifaceted Continent with Shared Challenges – looking at the major intraregional economic, demographic, environmental and social dynamics that are currently shaping the continent.
  • Africa Inventing Itself and Taking up the Key Challenges of Tomorrow – an overview of the challenges that Africa is currently facing and will need to face in the future, including the environment and climate change, social cohesion and demographic issues, economic development and governance.


Full-colour maps, charts and graphics cover such wide-ranging topics as economic development, urbanization, education, the rule of law, gender, the blue economy, regional organizations, energy and culture, to form a volume which offers a wide-ranging overview in graphic form of Africa in the world today, of interest to all those studying, working in or with Africa, and those with a general interest in the continent.

chapter |38 pages

Taking Full Measure Of Africa

chapter |41 pages

Afvnges Of Tomorrow