Originally published between 1973 and 1981, this Allen and Unwin series published single authored volumes on nine key political philosophers ranging from Aristotle to Karl Marx. Volume titles are:
Volume I: Hegel by Raymond Plant
Volume II: Edmund Burke by Frank O'Gorman
Volume III: Karl Marx by Michael Evans
Volume IV: John Stuart Mill by R. J. Halliday
Volume V: Bentham by James Steintrager
Volume VI: Hobbes: Morals and Politics by D.D. Raphael
Volume VII: Aristotle by John B. Morrall
Volume VIII: John Locke by Geraint Parry
Volume IX: Plato by Robert Hall
Volumes also available individually at £65.00

Volume I: Hegel, Volume II: Edmund Burke, Volume III: Karl Marx, Volume IV: John Stuart Mill, Volume V: Bentham, Volume VI: Hobbes: Morals and Politics, Volume VII: Aristotle, Volume VIII: John Locke, Volume IX: Plato