Drawing from a variety of libraries and archives, this collection brings together material to illustrate the history of the development of trade unionism and industrial relations. It spans the period from the early journeymen's trade societies as they emerged in the 18th-Century through to the end of the First World War.  Part I Volume 1 looks at 1707-1800.

chapter |1 pages

By the King, Aroclamation,

part |251 pages

The Case of the Journeymen Taylors, and Journeymen Staymakers, Residing Within the Cities of London and Westminster, and Weekly Bills of Mortality.

chapter |53 pages

A Letter To a Friend:

chapter |7 pages

To the Nobility, Gentry, Magistrates, and Representatives in Parliament, of every County and Town in Great-Britain; more especially those of the Town and County of Leicester.

The Humble Petition of the PoorSpinners, which on a very moderate?Calculation consists of EighteenThousand, Five Hundred, employed?in the Town and County aforesaid.