Looks at the lives and politics of four of the key players in the independence and labour movements of the 19th century: Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847); Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-91); Michael Davitt (1846-1906); and James Bronterre O'Brien (1805-64). Volume 3 looks at the life of Michael Davitt.

chapter I|23 pages

Background and Early Years (1846-69)

chapter II|18 pages

Trial and Imprisonment (1870-7)

chapter V|42 pages

Years in the Wilderness (1882–7)

chapter VI|20 pages

Marriage to Mary Yore (1887)

chapter VIII|26 pages

The Labour Movement and Parliament

chapter X|39 pages

The Final Years (1901-6)

chapter X|39 pages

Memories of Davitt

chapter XI|7 pages

Poems, Ballads and a Drawing of Davitt