This book shapes a situated body politics to re-think, re-write, and de-colonise social work as a post-anthropocentric discipline headed towards glocalisation, where human and non-human embodiments and agencies are entangled in glocal environmental worlds.

It critically and creatively examines how social work can be theorised, practised, and written in renewed ways through dialogical and transdisciplinary practices. This book is composed of eight essayistic spaces, envisioning social work through embodied, glocal, and earthly entanglements. By drawing on research-based knowledge, autobiographical notes, stories, poetry, photographs, and an art exhibition in social work education, these essays provide readers with analysis and strategies that are useful for research, education, and practice as well as life-long learning.

The book constitutes key literature for researchers, educators, practitioners, and activists in social work, sociology, architecture, art and creative writing, feminist and postcolonial studies, human geography, and post-anthropocentric philosophy. It offers the readers sustainable ways to re-think and re-write social work towards a glocal- and post-anthropocentric more-than-human worldview.

chapter |5 pages

A Book of Eight Essayistic Spaces

Glocal Embodiment in the Post-Anthropocene

chapter Essay 1|17 pages

Re-Wor(l)ding Social Work

This Essay Is Offered as an Invitation to Post-Anthropocentric Thinking, Practice, and Writing

chapter Essay 2|25 pages

Mapping the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as a Triptych Paradigm

chapter Essay 3|16 pages

Exhibiting the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as an Eco-Social Sculpture

chapter Essay 4|15 pages

Exhausting the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as a Drifting Mo(ve)ment

chapter Essay 5|15 pages

Decolonising the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as a Diffractive Practice

chapter Essay 6|14 pages

Spatialising the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as a Counter-Monument

chapter Essay 7|15 pages

Writing the Glocal

This Essay Is Offered as a Space for Post-Anthropocentric Writers

chapter Essay 8|11 pages

Glocality and Body Politics

This Essay is Offered as a Vision and Practice for Slow Science in Social Work