Project Management introduces business and management students to project-based working as a means to tackle projects successfully in a unique and accessible way.

Not only in business circles, but also in the field of education, increasingly more activities are performed using a project-based approach. Consider, for example, comprehensive study assignments, internal projects and projects during work placements and the final stages of a degree. This book's line of approach is practice-oriented. Based on assignments, groups of two to three students work on a project plan and an executive summary. Students can also opt for a ‘real’ assignment for a company or for one of the cases of the accompanying website.

Added to this fifth edition are examples and illustrations, new sections about various subjects and a chapter about the flexible project approach Scrum.

chapter |2 pages


part 1|105 pages

Practical theory

chapter 1|22 pages

The project

chapter 2|30 pages

People working on projects

chapter 3|28 pages

The project from start to finish

chapter 4|23 pages


part 2|93 pages

How to do a project: methods and tools

chapter 5|16 pages

How to do a project the P6-Method

chapter 6|24 pages

Writing a project plan

chapter 7|8 pages

Using Scrum

chapter 8|8 pages

Organising meetings

chapter 9|8 pages

Conducting interviews

chapter 10|10 pages

Writing a report

chapter 11|8 pages

Holding a presentation

chapter 12|6 pages

Making an executive summary

chapter |3 pages

Final Assignments