Originally published in 1973, the emphasis of this study is on the Scottish settlers during the first quarter of the 17th Century. It shows that the ‘Plantation’, although a milestone in Ireland’s past is also of considerable importance in Scotland’s history. The society that produced Scottish settlers is examined and the reasons why they left their homeland analysed. The book explains what effect the Scottish migration had upon both Ireland and Scotland and assesses the extent to which James I was personally involved in the promotion of the ‘Plantation’ scheme.

chapter |18 pages


chapter Chapter I|27 pages

The Scottish Background to the Migration

chapter Chapter II|22 pages

Prelude to the Plantation Antrim and Down (1603–10)

chapter Chapter III|23 pages

The Scots and the Plantation Preparations (1603–10)

chapter Chapter IV|23 pages

The Scottish Undertakers

chapter Chapter V|24 pages

The Establishment of the Plantation (1610–11)

chapter Chapter VI|22 pages

Progress and Problems

chapter Chapter VII|24 pages

The Consolidation of the Scottish Settlement (1613–19)

chapter Chapter VIII|45 pages

Stagnation and Decline (1619–25)

chapter Chapter IX|23 pages

Antrim and Down (1610–25)

chapter Chapter X|22 pages

Religion and Scottish Migration

chapter Chapter XI|16 pages

The Undertenants

chapter Chapter XII|19 pages

Trade and Migration

chapter |8 pages