In Teaching Values, Ron Scapp wrests the discussion of values and values-based education away from traditionalists who have long dominated educational debates. While challenging the Right's domination of the discussion of values education, Scapp examines some issues not typically raised by educators and critics on the Left, including the positive role of citizenship and national identity in U.S. education and culture.

chapter |17 pages


chapter 1|22 pages

When the Truth Is Gone

Teaching in an Age of Uncertainty

chapter 2|24 pages

Happy to Be Nappy

chapter 3|23 pages

From Substandard to Nonstandard English

Getting beyond the Morality of Speaking Right

chapter 4|20 pages

Go Tell It on the Mount

chapter 5|23 pages

But Is He Straight?

Identity, Teaching, and the Simple Acts of Privilege

chapter 6|27 pages

Why Multiculturalism (Still)?

chapter |17 pages


Teaching in an Extra–Moral Sense