Despite a long research tradition in visual neuroscience, the rehabilitation of cerebral visual deficits has, until recently, been neglected. This book is the first to report systematic observations on spontaneous recovery of cerebral visual deficits after acquired brain injury, and the outcome of treating these deficits. The whole range of human visual functions and capacities is covered: visual field, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity, visual adaptation, colour vision, visual space perception, and visual cognition. Additionally, there is a special section devoted to patients with central scotoma. All treatment procedures described are empirically founded.

chapter Chapter One|9 pages


chapter Chapter Two|80 pages

Visual field disorders

chapter Chapter Four|8 pages

Colour vision deficits

chapter Chapter Five|25 pages

Disorders in visual space perception

chapter Chapter Six|18 pages

Visual agnosia

chapter Chapter Seven|14 pages

Central scotoma