This book, first published in 1948, is an in-depth examination of the campaigns in Burma following the Japanese invasion in 1942 until after the surrender in 1945. The author, a military observer under Admiral Mountbatten, offers here impartial judgements and an objective narrative. He analyses the initial British failures, the straining of Anglo-American relations, the overcoming of military difficulties and the final victory of the combined British, Indian, American and Chinese forces. The book gives a clear and comprehensive look at the Burma war, puts it into perspective, and does not shy away from controversy over the management of the Allied campaign.

chapter 1|15 pages

The Last Tragedy

chapter 2|15 pages

The Enemy

chapter 3|17 pages

The Retreat from Burma

chapter 4|14 pages

Ceylon's Escape

chapter 5|13 pages

Arakan Debacle

chapter 6|14 pages

The Arrival of Wingate

chapter 7|16 pages

The Formation of South-East Asia Command

chapter 8|14 pages

The Japanese Invasion of Assam

chapter 9|13 pages

The Siege of Imphal

chapter 10|14 pages

The Battle of Kohima

chapter 11|11 pages

The Relief of Imphal

chapter 12|16 pages

With Stilwell in North Burma

chapter 13|16 pages

Anglo-American Relations

chapter 14|16 pages

The Relief of Stilwell

chapter 15|15 pages

The Third Arakan Campaign

chapter 16|15 pages

The Clearance of North Burma

chapter 17|14 pages

From the Chindwin to the Irrawaddy

chapter 18|12 pages

The Capture of Mandalay

chapter 19|16 pages

The Recapture of Rangoon

chapter 20|13 pages

Surrender and Conclusion

chapter 21|10 pages

Burma in Focus