Learn how to infuse learning with deeper purpose, connectedness, and engagement, so students feel more empowered and less anxious about their futures. In Learning in the Age of Climate Disasters, author and award-winning teacher Maggie Favretti outlines the contexts and causes of "futurephobia" and then offers Regenerative Learning strategies rooted in nature’s principles for repair and redesign. She explains how tending the soil and cultivating the roots of (re)generative power (Love, Personhood, People, Place, Purpose, Process, Positivity) help us disrupt degenerative hierarchical fragmentation. She also explores methods for co-empowering youth creativity, agency, and hope. Chapters include interviews with and contributions by children and young people, as well as key takeaways (Seeds for Planting), and tools to help you implement the ideas. With this book’s thought-provoking concepts, you’ll be able to help students overcome eco-anxiety and find healing connection and meaning for more sustained, regenerative change.

chapter 1|44 pages

Futurephobia and Renewal

chapter |6 pages

Interview: Génesis Ramos Rosado

chapter 2|40 pages

The Power of Love: Unity in the Universe

chapter 3|38 pages

Cultivating (Re)generative Power

chapter 6|40 pages

The Power of Place: Belonging in Contexts

chapter |10 pages

Interview: Jeltsin José Obregón