Schools around the world use online programs like Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts to improve students’ reading comprehension of real books, but how can such software be used most effectively? In this unique resource, researcher Keith Topping analyzes independent research studies and brings you best practices on quality implementation to enhance effectiveness. He explains the evidence base for the programs in a comprehensible way and addresses many common questions, such as "Does it work?," "How should it be implemented to make it work?," and "Is it cheaper and more efficient in teacher time than what we were doing before?" He also discusses best practices for using the assessment data, for tailoring implementation in elementary vs. high schools, and for working with disadvantaged students. Appropriate for teachers, literacy coaches, curriculum leaders, and other stakeholders, the book will provide you with a strong research foundation and easily accessible information to help you fine-tune your understanding of the reading programs and implement them more successfully in your schools and classrooms.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 3|13 pages

Disentangling Opinion and Fact

chapter 4|49 pages

So, Does It Work?

chapter 6|13 pages

How Have Schools Done with Implementation?

chapter 9|6 pages

Using Favorite Books as a Major Motivator

chapter 14|16 pages

Summary and Conclusions