This practical text lays out a new form of focused, time-limited group analytic psychotherapy, built on new and existing research, and integrating clinical experience from across the field.

Presented in three parts, Focused Group Analytic Psychotherapy clearly introduces the therapeutic approach, fully explores all the elements involved, from considering suitable patients to composing the group and the role of the therapist, and provides an in-depth examination of clinical quality assurance, research and the integration of supervision. Peppered with examples and vignettes from carefully designed research by the author and others, the chapters demonstrate how this approach can be used in group therapy with patients facing specific psychological problems, symptomatic distress and/or a problematic relationship to self or others.

This book will be an essential guide for psychotherapists who have primarily focused on individual psychotherapy and who want to learn more about groups, and to those, including group analysts, who have experience with long-term groups and want to learn more about time-limited groups.

part Part I|16 pages


chapter Chapter 1|14 pages


part Part II|106 pages

Focused Group Analytic Psychotherapy

part Part III|45 pages

Clinical quality assurance – Research – Supervision

chapter Chapter 9|16 pages

Empirical research on group psychotherapy

chapter |1 pages