Multimodal composition is a meaningful and critical way for students to tell their stories, make good arguments, and share their expertise in today’s world. In this helpful resource, writer, teacher, and best-selling author Angela Stockman illustrates the importance of making writing a multimodal endeavor in K-5 workshops by providing peeks into the classrooms she teaches within. Chapters address what multimodal composition is, how to situate it in a writing workshop that is responsive to the unique needs of writers, how to handle curriculum design and assessment, and how to plan instruction. The appendices offer tangible tools and resources that will help you implement and sustain this work in your own classroom. Ideal for teachers of grades K-5, literacy coaches, and curriculum leaders, this book will help you and your students reimagine what a workshop can be when the writers within it produce far more than written words.

chapter |8 pages


Why It's Time for Workshop to Go Multimodal

part 1|31 pages

What Is Multimodal Composition?

chapter 1|10 pages

What's Multimodal Composition?

chapter 2|19 pages

The Multimodal Writing Workshop

part 2|45 pages

How Do We Create Multimodal Writing Workshops?

chapter 4|14 pages

Curriculum Design

part 3|41 pages

How Do We Teach Multimodal Composition?