Learning to read and having access to a rich reading curriculum has a huge impact upon us both emotionally and academically. so how can we ensure that it is seen as an entitlement of all learners, including those defined as having PMLD and the most complex needs?

This accessible book provides professionals with the knowledge and confidence to develop reading for all learners. It integrates the latest ideas and research into a practical framework to create an inclusive reading curriculum and support learners across the whole education spectrum, including those with the most complex needs. Each chapter includes a mixture of research, strategies, and case study examples, demonstrating how reading supports both wellbeing and access to learning and, with stories, provides a versatile vehicle to build on vocabulary and expand our ability to think and learn about our place in the world.

Teaching Reading to All Learners Including Those with Complex Needs is essential reading for both new and experienced teachers and SENCOs looking to develop an inclusive reading curriculum and culture which will positively impact on the outcomes of all young people.


1. Why prioritise reading for all?

2. Where to begin and the importance of high expectations

3. The importance of accessible literacy rich environments

4. How does reading develop?

5. The role of foundation skills and the teaching of reading- where does phonics fit for learners with complex needs?

6. Why learners have difficulty learning to read – importance of the stages of processing and strategies to support

7.  Practical ways into planning for an inclusive reading curriculum