Goal-Setting and Problem-Solving in the Tech-Enhanced Classroom explores how educators can use technology to create opportunities for more immersive and rewarding learning. As child-age students demonstrate increasing competence with digital tools, and investment in learning technologies continues to climb, teachers need grounded, pedagogically attentive insights to help them leverage these devices and platforms in their profession. This book offers a variety of ideas for how pre- and in-service teachers can successfully deploy today’s educational technology platforms to serve confident, meaningful teaching and learning. Each chapter includes a concrete learning goal or problem, a narrative of an instructional experience with a specific technology, relevant theoretical and empirical underpinnings, and practical recommendations.

1. Introducing the Chasm 2. March of the Robots? A.I. in Practice 3. Virtual Insanity? Is Virtual Reality Still the Future of Education? 4. Hooked on Dopamine? Learning Through Failure in Game Design 5. Search Smarter? Leveraging Pinterest for Learning 6. The Tip of the Iceberg? Social Media in Education 7. What is Your Edtech Journey? Autoethnography and the Importance of Learning Journeys 8. Blockchain, Edtech and Learning Communities 9. Rhizomatic Learning: Pearltrees and Online Curation Tools 10. Podcasting in Education 11. Edpuzzle: Online Video for Learning – Questioning and Online Assessment 12. Conclusions: Edtech and Education – Moving Forward Together