Originally published in 1980 and nominated for the Duff Cooper Prize, this was the first biography of Wyndham Lewis and was based on extensive archival research and interviews. It narrates Lewis’ years at Rugby and the Slade, his bohemian life on the Continent, the creation of Vorticism and publication of Blast, and his experiences at Passchendaele, as well as his many love affairs, his bitter quarrels with Bloomsbury and the Sitwells, the suppressed books of the thirties, the evolution of his political ideas, his self-imposed exile in North America and creative resurgence during his final blindness. Jeffrey Meyers also describes Lewis’ relationships with Roy Campbell, D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, T. E Lawrence, Hemingway, Huxley, Yeats, Auden, Spender, Orwell and McLuhan. As the self-styled Enemy emerges from the shadows, he is seen as an independent and courageous artist and one of the most controversial and stimulating figures in modern English art and literature.

chapter Chapter One|11 pages

Childhood, Rugby and the Slade, 1882–1901

chapter Chapter Two|14 pages

Bohemia and Augustus John, 1902–1908

chapter Chapter Three|13 pages

Ford and Pound, 1909–1912

chapter Chapter Four|16 pages

Omega Workshops and Rebel Art Centre, 1913–1914

chapter Chapter Five|15 pages

Vorticism and Blast, 1914

chapter Chapter Six|18 pages

The Great War, 1914–1918

chapter Chapter Seven|14 pages

Women and Marriage, 1918–1925

chapter Chapter Eight|29 pages

Underground Man, 1919–1925

chapter Chapter Nine|27 pages

Man of the World, 1926–1929

chapter Chapter Ten|26 pages

The Apes of God, 1930

chapter Chapter Eleven|9 pages

Politics, Germany and Hitler, 1930–1931

chapter Chapter Twelve|27 pages

Combat and Suppression, 1931–1933

chapter Chapter Thirteen|14 pages

Lonely Old Volcano, 1934–1937

chapter Chapter Fourteen|13 pages

Rejection and Recantation, 1937–1939

chapter Chapter Fifteen|14 pages

New York, 1939–1940

chapter Chapter Sixteen|14 pages

Toronto, 1940–1943

chapter Chapter Seventeen|11 pages

Windsor and St. Louis, 1943–1945

chapter Chapter Eighteen|14 pages

Notting Hill, 1945–1949

chapter Chapter Nineteen|21 pages

Blindness, 1950–1954

chapter Chapter Twenty|12 pages

The Human Age, 1955–1957

chapter |10 pages

Chronology of Wyndham Lewis