First published in 1933, Youth in Soviet Russia presents Klaus Mehnert’ s honest and personal account of the state of the youth in USSR. It contains themes like living human beings, student and class, student and the state, the idea of the Komsomol, the literature of the youth, youth and the theatre, the youth commune, trends and attitudes towards sex and marriage with the development of new morality. Mehnert, a German born in Russia offers valuable description of his personal experiences while living with Russian youth during four successive autumns. This book will be an essential read for scholars and researchers of history, Soviet history, Russian history, and communist history.

chapter I|9 pages

Living Human Beings

chapter II|27 pages


chapter III|36 pages

The Komsomol

chapter IV|33 pages

The Literature of Youth

chapter V|20 pages

Youth on the Stage

chapter VI|23 pages

In the Collectivised Village

chapter VII|28 pages

The Youth Commune

chapter VIII|62 pages

Morality and Culture

chapter IX|22 pages

One Year Later