Navigating Media’s Influence Through Childhood and Adolescence moves through research and questions that are relevant to practicing pediatricians and therapists in their everyday practice. As we navigate post-pandemic life where screen time was unrestricted in most homes, this book has never been more important. Written by a pediatrician and a professor of media effects, this book is a vital resource for practicing mental health clinicians, counselors, psychologists, physicians, and students studying in those areas. Grounded in developmental theory, mass communication theory, current research, and acumen gained from years of clinical and teaching experience, this book gives professionals what they need to understand the colossal effect media is having on their patients. An aid to practitioners, this book is organized by developmental stage and matches specific questions related to media’s effects with explicit research-based recommendations and explanations. It is intended to be a quick resource guide for the busy professional.

chapter 5|20 pages

Growing Up in a Digital World

chapter 6|14 pages

Internet Safety

chapter 7|13 pages

Video Games

chapter 9|15 pages

Learning in the Digital Age

chapter 10|16 pages

Media, the Body, and Disordered Eating

chapter 11|15 pages

Media, Gender, and Sexuality

chapter 12|14 pages