The 7th edition of Understanding Equity &Trusts provides a clear, accessible and lively overview of the main themes in this dynamic area of the law. An ideal first point of entry to the subject or revision tool, this book will give you an invaluable grounding in all of the key principles of equity and the law of trusts. If you need help with trusts law, then this is the book for you.

This book covers all of the topics that a student reader will encounter in any trusts law or equity course. The text deals with express trusts, resulting and constructive trusts, the duties of trustees, breach of trust and tracing, commercial uses of trusts, charities, equitable remedies and trusts of homes.

The law of trusts is built on simple basic principles. The approach of this book is to lay foundations with an explanation of those principles before building towards the more complex issues which are the focus of examinations in this subject. The lively text includes a large number of straightforward examples to make the discussion of the general law more accessible.

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

The principles of equity

chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

The nature of the trust

chapter Chapter 3|25 pages

The settlor

Certainties and formalities

chapter Chapter 4|19 pages

The beneficiary's rights

chapter Chapter 5|21 pages

The trustee's duties

chapter Chapter 6|11 pages

Resulting trusts

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Constructive trusts

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Equitable estoppel

chapter Chapter 9|30 pages

Trusts of land and of the home

chapter Chapter 10|31 pages

Breach of trust, strangers and tracing

chapter Chapter 11|9 pages

Quistclose trusts and commercial trusts

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages


chapter Chapter 13|14 pages

Injunctions and other equitable remedies

chapter Chapter 14|13 pages

Themes in equity