This 13-volume collection originally published between 1929 and 1982 contains a selection of titles from the fields of economics and political science. Many individual titles focus on Britain and include topics such as democracy; environmental planning; foreign policy; legislation; microeconomics; national income; and the welfare state. The earliest title looks at the nature of nationality, and two further titles look at politics in France. This set will be an insight for those interested in the history of either field.

1. Environmental Planning: A Political and Philosophical Analysis Lincoln Allison (1975), 2. Britain’s Developing Constitution Peter Bromhead (1974), 3. The Gaullist Phenomenon: The Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic Jean Charlot (1971), 4. The Distribution of the Product John Craven (1979), 5. Supply in a Market Economy Richard Jones (1976), 6. Nationality: Its Nature and Problems Bernard Joseph (1929), 7. International Institutions in Trade and Finance A. I. MacBean & P. N. Snowden (1981), 8. Opinions, Publics and Pressure Groups: An Essay on Vox Populi and Representative Government Graeme C. Moodie & Gerald Studdert-Kennedy (1970), 9. The Growth of the British Economy 1918-1968 G. A. Phillips & R. T. Maddock (1973), 10. The Making of British Foreign Policy David Vital (1968), 11. The Legislative Process in Great Britain S. A. Walkland (1968), 12. The French Parliament 1958-1967 Philip M. Williams (1968), 13. The Political Economy of the Welfare State Thomas Wilson & Dorothy J. Wilson (1982)