Advanced Placement Classroom: A Midsummer Night's Dream takes students inside Shakespeare's well-loved comedy by providing teachers and students with a detailed overview of the play, along with interesting and challenging activities geared for the advanced language arts student. Students will examine Shakespeare's inventive language by collecting words and phrases to use later in a “Sweet-Talk Challenge,” akin to a modern-day poetry slam; discover the history behind the play by researching and giving presentations on Elizabethan occupations; and recognize the challenge of performance by reenacting scenes.

Prufrock's new line of innovative teaching guides for the Advanced Placement classroom is designed to engage students with creative learning activities that ensure Advanced Placement success. The Teaching Success Guide for the Advanced Placement Classroom series helps teachers motivate students above and beyond the norm by introducing investigative, hands-on activities including debates, role-plays, experiments, projects, and more, all based on Advanced Placement and college-level standards for learning.

Grades 7-12

chapter |12 pages


chapter Chapter 1|27 pages

Act I

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Act II

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages


chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

Act IV

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Act V

chapter Chapter 6|3 pages

Culminating Celebration