Space may be the "final frontier"—but how do we learn about it, look deeper into it, and live in it? The infographics in this book will rocket you through a universe of powerful telescopes, distant probes, and high-speed spacecraft. Get ready to buzz by comets, land on alien planets, peer into the universe's past, and go where no one (except a handful of rovers and space probes) has gone before! We live in a complicated cosmos, but this book breaks down the complex, the confusing, and the downright kooky to reveal the fascinating details and hidden wonders that are out of this world.

Ages 9-12

chapter |1 pages


chapter 1|1 pages

Fuels Rush in

chapter 2|2 pages

The Coolest Road Trips Ever

chapter 3|2 pages

Faster Than a Spacefaring Bullet

chapter 4|1 pages

Solid Gold Record

chapter 5|1 pages

To Find Waldo, Just Check Your Watch

chapter 8|2 pages

The Race to Space, All Over the Place

chapter 9|2 pages

A Home Away from Home

chapter 10|2 pages

These Space Boots Are Made for Walking

chapter 12|1 pages

Hit the Planet, Win a Prize

chapter 13|2 pages

What Goes Up Must Land, Somehow

chapter 14|2 pages

The Anatomy of a Space Shuttle

chapter 15|2 pages

Heading Inward

chapter 16|2 pages

It's Computation, Not a Competition

chapter 17|2 pages

The Weirdness of Juno

chapter 18|2 pages

The Origin of (Space) Species

chapter 19|1 pages

Just What the Space Doctor Ordered

chapter 20|1 pages

Never Knock an Opportunity

chapter 21|1 pages

Social Networking on Mars

chapter 22|1 pages

The Titan of Telescopes

chapter 25|1 pages

Falling Is the Hottest Part

chapter 27|2 pages

A Space Camp Right in Our Backyards

chapter 29|2 pages

Spinning 'Round Like a Satellite

chapter 30|1 pages

Communications from Home Base

chapter 31|1 pages

The Gravity Circus

chapter 32|2 pages

Running Rings Around Saturn

chapter 33|1 pages

A Ginormous Jumble of Junk

chapter 34|1 pages

The Weirdest Lost and Found

chapter 35|2 pages

The Dangers of Space Travel

chapter 37|2 pages

Don't Knock It If It's Not a Rocket

chapter 38|1 pages

The Swiss Army Knife of Space

chapter 39|1 pages

Stick the Landing

chapter 40|1 pages

Tipping Our Hats to Citizen Scientists