Be the one to make a difference in your students' thinking! With more than 100 games to choose from, Brain Food is your one-stop source for exploring the fun in learning. This compilation is filled with new as well as traditional brain games, and most need little more than paper and a pencil to get you started. Each game is classroom tested and tailored to encourage cooperation and teamwork as well as deductive logic. The book includes:

  • word games,
  • math games,
  • logic games,
  • memory games, and
  • much more!

One exciting aspect of this book is that it has a bit of an international flavor. It is filled with fun games from around the world that challenge and stimulate young minds. From the Japanese strategy game Hasami Shogi, to the traditional African game Wari, to the deductive game Witch Hunt, to the word challenge Wordbuilder, these mind-stretching tools encourage complex thinking skills.

Games by their very nature require thinking. With Brain Food you'll get teaching tools such as Alphamazement—a game of strategy that challenges both visual and verbal skills by having players connect letters of the alphabet in a zigzagging maze. Or, try the traditional Maori game Mu-Torere to enhance visual and mathematical skills.

Grades 4-12

part |198 pages

Let the Games Begin

chapter |17 pages

Alignment Games

chapter |6 pages

Blocking Games

chapter |6 pages

Chase Games

chapter |18 pages

Capture Games

chapter |14 pages

Checkers Variations

chapter |3 pages

Chess Variations

chapter |6 pages

Maze Games

chapter |11 pages

Mathematical Games

chapter |9 pages

Mathematical Operations

chapter |6 pages

Factors and Multiples

chapter |25 pages

Deductive Logic Games

chapter |8 pages

Word Games

chapter |4 pages

Spelling Games

chapter |5 pages


chapter |7 pages

Long Words

chapter |6 pages

Other Vocabulary Builders

chapter |7 pages

Puns and Other Word Play

chapter |6 pages

Dramatic Word Games

chapter |3 pages

Rhymes and Homonyms

chapter |10 pages

Miscellaneous Word Games

chapter |4 pages

Memory Games

chapter |2 pages

Visual Arts Games