A well-rounded curriculum needs to address the more formalized development of leadership abilities that will ensure that young people acquire the knowledge and skills essential to assuming leadership roles. Changing Tomorrow 2: Leadership Curriculum for High-Ability Students offers instructional activities for high-ability middle school students based on the Common Core State Standards that emphasize critical and creative thinking skills and gives gifted students an opportunity to apply these skills in an integrative and substantive way. This book includes 11 lessons that address leadership skill development and assignments that require students to research and compile biographical information on seven influential men and women drawn from multiple disciplines and diverse backgrounds. Instructional questions, pre- and postassessments, and appropriate rubrics are also included.

Grades 6-8

part I|14 pages

Introduction to the Unit

chapter |5 pages

Introduction and Overview of the Unit

chapter |2 pages

Curriculum Framework:

Goals and Outcomes of Changing Tomorrow 2

part II|6 pages

Pre- and Postassessments and Rubric

part III|69 pages


chapter Lesson 1|7 pages

Introduction to the Concept of Leadership

chapter Lesson 2|10 pages

Robert Ballard

chapter Lesson 3|5 pages

Charles Darwin

chapter Lesson 4|8 pages

Margaret Thatcher

chapter Lesson 5|5 pages

Duke Ellington

chapter Lesson 6|5 pages

Pablo Picasso

chapter Lesson 7|5 pages

Emily Dickinson

chapter Lesson 8|5 pages

Nelson Mandela

chapter Lesson 9|3 pages

Presentations and Products on Leadership

chapter Lesson 10|2 pages

Local Panel of Leaders

chapter Lesson 11|5 pages

Analysis and Synthesis of Leadership