Packed with hundreds of illustrated definitions about dinosaurs and the world in which they lived, Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids is certain to spark any kid's enthusiasm for the age of dinosaurs. Explore the Mesozoic era. Learn about dinosaurs that lived on land, animals that swam the waters, and species that patrolled the skies. Find out about dinosaur extinction, how scientists date fossils, and what it takes to become a paleontologist. Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids will be there when it's time to write reports, delve into projects, prepare assignments, or just curl up and discover more about these amazing creatures. Sidebar topics, fun activities, and quick quizzes make learning about dinosaurs even more fun! Divided into sections for quick access to the easy-to-understand definitions and amazing full-color illustrations, Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids is a must-have for any kid's home library.

Grades 3-6

chapter |10 pages

Introduction to the Mesozoic Era

chapter |14 pages

Introduction to the Triassic Period

251 to 199 mya

chapter |52 pages

Introduction to the Jurassic Period

199 to 145 mya

chapter |43 pages

Introduction to the Cretaceous Period

145 to 65 mya

chapter |32 pages

Other Animals of the Mesozoic Era