The Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program targets reading comprehension skills in high-ability learners by moving students through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analyses of texts, using a field-tested method developed by the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary. Students in grades 1-2 will learn to comprehend and analyze any reading passage after completing the activities in Jacob's Ladder, Grades 1-2 (2nd ed.).

Geared for students in grades 1-2, this book, a revision of the Primary Level 2 book, includes stories and ladder tasks carefully selected for young children to develop oral communication and listening skills in addition to the other ladder goals. This book provides stories focused on picture analysis, read alouds, classics, and original works.

Optional Student Workbook Packs

In addition to this teacher's guide, companion student workbooks are available for Poetry and Picture Books and Short Stories (Parts 1 and 2). The student workbooks feature ample room for student responses and notes, make reviewing and providing feedback on student work easier than ever, provide students with an easy-to-use reference to use during discussions, and save time, as there is no need to reproduce student handouts.

Grades 1-2

part I|21 pages

Teachers' Guide to Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program

part II|120 pages

Readings and Student Ladder Sets

chapter Chapter 1|79 pages

Picture Books and Short Stories

chapter Chapter 2|38 pages