This safari will send students on an expedition that will result in hours of good thinking and unbridled enthusiasm. As enthusiasm soars so do the levels of thinking skills engaged. Students love these deductive logic puzzles so much that they beg to do them, little realizing that they are building important reading comprehension and thinking skills.

Teachers love these puzzles because of their ease of use in multicurricular parallels and their effortlessness in fitting into pullout programs of limited duration. Each motivating puzzle includes an introduction with student-related topics, clues, a grid, and an illustration. The goal in Logic Safari is to hunt down the clues, sort, analyze, and combine them into the correct solution. Each book represents an ever-increasing challenge to students while scenarios remain fresh, evoking renewed eagerness. The size of the grids is an indication of difficulty.

This is the second in a three-book series of deductive logic puzzles. For alternate levels, see Logic Safari Book 1 and Logic Safari Book 3.

Grades 3-4

chapter Lesson 1|1 pages

Fantastic Gymnastics

chapter Lesson 2|1 pages

Cafeteria Choices

chapter Lesson 3|1 pages

Special Delivery

chapter Lesson 4|1 pages

Lost and Found

chapter Lesson 5|1 pages

Bookmark Designers

chapter Lesson 6|1 pages

Coat Hooks

chapter Lesson 7|1 pages

Fitness Profile

chapter Lesson 8|1 pages

Class Trip

chapter Lesson 9|1 pages

Favorite Sports

chapter Lesson 10|1 pages

Piggy Banks

chapter Lesson 11|1 pages

Cans for Conservation

chapter Lesson 12|1 pages

Class Quilt

chapter Lesson 13|1 pages

Student Council

chapter Lesson 14|1 pages

Wind Chimes

chapter Lesson 15|1 pages


chapter Lesson 16|1 pages


chapter Lesson 17|1 pages

Turtle Race

chapter Lesson 18|1 pages

Cloud Mirages

chapter Lesson 19|1 pages


chapter Lesson 20|1 pages

Arbor Day

chapter Lesson 21|1 pages


chapter Lesson 22|1 pages

Peter and the Wolf

chapter Lesson 23|1 pages

Closing the Office

chapter Lesson 24|1 pages

Bird Scouting

chapter Lesson 25|1 pages

Scent Survey

chapter Lesson 26|1 pages

School Directory

chapter Lesson 27|1 pages

Lightning Bugs

chapter Lesson 28|1 pages

Mastodon State Park

chapter Lesson 29|1 pages

Summer Birthdays