The Math Curriculum for Gifted Students series:

"Introduction Section I: Operations and Algebraic Thinking Lesson 1.1: Writing and Interpreting Numerical Expressions Lesson 1.2: Analyzing Patterns and Relationships Section II: Number and Operations in Base Ten Lesson 2.1: Placing Value Lesson 2.2: Patterns in Number of Zeros and Whole-Number Exponents Lesson 2.3: Read, Write, and Compare Decimals Lesson 2.4: Modeling Whole-Number Multiplication and Division Lesson 2.5: Modeling Decimals Through Operations Section III: Number and Operations—Fractions Lesson 3.1: Adding and Subtracting Fractions With Unlike Denominators and Word Problems Lesson 3.2: Interpreting Fraction as Division and Solving Word Problems With Division to Get Mixed Numbers Lesson 3.3: Parts of a Partition Lesson 3.4: Finding the Area Lesson 3.5: Products of Fractions and Mixed Numbers Lesson 3.6: Interpreting Division of Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers in Real-World Problems Section IV: Measurement and Data Lesson 4.1: Converting Standard Measurement Units Lesson 4.2: Representing Measurements on Line Plots Lesson 4.3: Recognizing and Measuring Volume Lesson 4.4: Finding Volume and Applying the Formula Lesson 4.5: Recognizing Volume as Additive Section V: Geometry Lesson 5.1: Graphing Coordinates to Represent Real-World Problems Lesson 5.2: Classifying Figures Answer Key About the Authors About the Center for Gifted Education Common Core State Standards Alignment "