The Math Curriculum for Gifted Students series:

Introduction Section I: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Lesson 1.1: Ratios and Proportions Lesson 1.2: Rate and Unit Rate Lesson 1.3: Percent as a Rate Lesson 1.4: Converting Units Section II: The Number System Lesson 2.1: Fractions Lesson 2.2: Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Lesson 2.3: Positive and Negative Numbers Lesson 2.4: The Coordinate Plane Lesson 2.5: Absolute Value Section III: Expressions and Equations Lesson 3.1: Working With Exponents and Exponential Expressions Lesson 3.2: Equivalent Expressions, Part I Lesson 3.3: Equivalent Expressions, Part II Lesson 3.4: Solving Expressions Lesson 3.5: Inequality Expressions Lesson 3.6: Independent and Dependent Variables Section IV: Geometry Lesson 4.1: Area of Polygons Lesson 4.2: Volume Lesson 4.3: Surface Area and Nets Section V: Statistics and Probability Lesson 5.1: Statistical Analysis Lesson 5.2: Representing Data in Graphs Answer Key About the Authors About the Center for Gifted Education Common Core State Standards Alignment